8 thoughts on “Revere Ware From 1968 to 1977

  1. Debra King

    I have been using a set of Revere Ware that my mother purchased for me in 1974. The handles are welded on. The handle on my 3 qt pot just popped loose this week. Do you know if it is repairable? I have taken excellent care of my pots and am still using all of the set.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Paul Revereware Post author

      If they were purchased new in 1974, they would have a rivet attaching the handle to the part that is welded on. If the rivet popped loose, yes, you can semi-easily repair that with a screw, by first drilling out the rivet. If the part that is attached to the pan itself came loose, it can be repaired by a good welder that can weld stainless steel. It may not end up quite as pretty, but it will work. A good welder may charge more than replacing the pan, though. Check on ebay for how much it would cost to replace, and make sure you compare apples to apples. I bet you can find a nice 3 qt for around $20-30. Not sure where you live, but here in Texas, the oilfield has the welders all pretty busy right now, and they charge a lot. Hope this helps, and congratulations on having a great set of pans! Love your mom, she knew what a great present Revere Ware was! That was 40 years ago!

  2. Nancy Burns Gibson

    My Mother got a 17 piece set of Revere Ware in 1954 when I was in first grade. They are still beautiful, never been in the dishwasher or allowed to tarnish. Three say Clinton,Il. and the others do not say where the were made, but do have the same patten #. would you have any information on these. She still cooks in them everyday, at age 85.

    1. Paul Revereware Post author

      If the pans do not say, they were made in Rome, NY. It was the original factory, until they opened the one in Clinton, and also one in Riverside, CA. I believe the original Pre-1968 pans will last forever if well cared for, as obviously your mom does for hers.

  3. Tyler

    Actually the logo underwent more changes than you have described from ’68-’77. The logo you have pictured on the right is no older than 1974. When Revere decreased the copper thickness in 1968-69 they still used the “Double Circle” logo but the patent pending marks were removed and the factory location (Clinton, Ill) went above the logo. Then around 1970 Revere adopted the block letter logo much like the one on the right but without a capacity size or factory location. Then finally in 1974, they added the capacity size and factory location and in 1978 the year designation.

    1. Paul Revereware Post author

      Most cooking grades of stainless steel are not magnetic, due to the chromium and nickel content that has been added. Pans built for induction cooking add a layer of magnetic steel inside the bottom, but not the sides, so it will work on an induction cooktop. Revere ware was made to cook on a gas or electric cooking surface, and I am pretty sure there were no induction cooktops when this older type was made.


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