Revere Ware From 1978 – 1999

Revere did not change their logo much, once they dropped the “Process Patent” Double Circle logo in 1968, and started using the 1801 profile, and added the pot/pan size.  The one change of much significance is that in 1978 they started adding the year of manufacture.  As seen in this photo, -78 is placed beside the size.  This continued until the 90’s, when they started adding letters after the year.  I’ve read that the letters might represent the month of manufacture, but I can not find any evidence to substantiate this, nor does it seem likely.  A year of manufacture is common with almost all items produced anywhere, but rarely is there a need for the month.  Many items are produced as an assembly, so it is likely their production times span over more than one month. 

If anyone has any more information on these letters added to the 1990-99 years of manufacture for Revere Ware, please comment and let me know.

6 thoughts on “Revere Ware From 1978 – 1999

  1. RRS

    I have a set of Revere Ware cookware my mom bought me as a wedding present 20+ years ago. The logo on the bottom reads 1801 – Revere Ware – (pot or pan size) – 89K – Clinton, Ill – U.S.A. According to your review, Clinton, Ill closed in 1968. Was it reopened at some point and thus my cookware dates and manufacturing location are correct or was this a common stamp used regardless of manufacturing site?

    1. paulrevereware Post author

      The Clinton, IL plant was opened in 1950, closed in 1999. Riverside, CA opened in1949, and closed in 1962.
      The Rome, NY plant (the original plant) opened in the 1880’s and closed in 1968, but reopened in 1974, and closed again in 1986, for good. I am positive your pans were made in Clinton, IL in 1989. I am still not sure what the letters beside the dates are. I’ve heard they are months of manufacture, but have no evidence to support this.

      1. Barry

        I have two pots we have used for forty years that are holding up well. They were made in Rome but have a star instead of a date. What does that indicate?

  2. Mike

    I purchase a 24 piece used set off Ebay. The cookware ranges from pre 68 to the 90’s. I can tell some of the new ones seem a little thinner. It is a nice set though. I should last a long time. I remember my grnadmother cooking with these and cast iron. Anyway how do you cook with these? We are cooking on a electric sooth top range. I someone told me you can only use med to med high heat on this cookware or it will ruin it. No high heat?


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