Revere Ware Tri-Ply Disc Bottom Cookware

In 1986, with the advent of the “smooth cook tops”,  Revere introduced their new Aluminum Bottom Cookware, which we know as the “Tri-Ply” or “Disc-Bottom”. 

The best metals for conducting (transmitting) energy are, in this order, silver, copper, and aluminum.  That is why electrical contacts are silver and copper, and also why wire is copper or aluminum.  No one can afford silver electrical wire, I guess, although there are many small electrical components in computers that use silver to make the contact.  As with wire, silver was not an affordable option for cookware, and I suppose it may even conduct a little too well for cooking.  Meanwhile, copper was and still is the excellent affordable choice for rapid disbursement of energy, whether it be electricity or heat.  Aluminum is the next choice, so for direct contact on a smooth top stove, the aluminum disc on the bottom of the stainless steel pan was the logical option.  This line continued to be produced in the USA from 1986 until the late 90’s, when all production was moved out of the country.  I believe it still continued with “China” production, but I am not sure if it still is manufactured there.   I have lost both the trail and the interest for Revere Ware overseas production, and just concentrate on what was made in the USA.


3 thoughts on “Revere Ware Tri-Ply Disc Bottom Cookware

  1. Earl Flanagan

    I burned the bottom of my 1 quart sauce pan while making oatmeal. I have used a brillo pad to remove the burned oatmeal with little success. What is the best way of restoring a shining bottom?

      1. Earl Flanagan

        Sorry, I should have described the problem better. The bottom I have burned is the inside bottom of the stainless steel pan. My Revere pans have tri-ply aluminum outside bottoms, not copper bottoms.

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