Really Really Rare Paul Revere Ware Line Items

Double boiler insert.  I’ve only seen 2 ever.  This one fits this 3 qt stock pot, the 2 and 4 qt stock pots, and the 3 qt sauce pan.  There is also a ceramic one that is technically a Bain Marie, and it fits the 2 qt sauce pan.  See the post here that I’ve written that contains the set and you can see what it looks like.

Fondue pot.  This is the same size pan as the smallest (2 qt) stock pot, but with a single handle.  I don’t believe they made them very long, because I’ve not seen one with a signature, but there may be one out there. This is a limited edition.

Small round paella or two-handled skillet.  The 10″ one is fairly rare, but this small one is only 8″ diameter.  Even rarer.

12 thoughts on “Really Really Rare Paul Revere Ware Line Items

  1. bill

    Weird. Our post-T-Day “What do we do with this? Do we really need this?” purge
    resulted in a table full of odds and ends.
    I’m looking at the insert right now. So make that three?
    The label is still on the inside, but worn in spots.
    IIRC, we picked this up at the outlet store in Clinton, IL c 1988
    Condition is good with minor scratches on bottom.
    If interested, make me an offer.
    Since it was likely destined for Goodwill, factor that into price.
    I can take/send pics.

  2. Geneva

    I have a set exactly like yours, except it is stainless steel inside and out (copper within, as I recall) also with brass handles. The markings on the bottom are exactly the same as shown on yours. I have been trying to find information on my set, but have been unsuccessful. I purchased them from Macy’s in San Francisco, I believe in the 80’s. I love them!

    1. Paul Revereware Post author

      I have seen a couple of more since I wrote this article. I probably should revise it. Still, owning 3 of these double boilers is a remarkable thing, and they are worth way more than your average copper Paul Revere Ware! Congrats!

      1. Dan

        I have the double boiler too, and the rare 8035 Fondue set, complete with liner, we use it to this day, picked it up for 41 bucks!!! I also have the 8072 low 2 quart cheese pot, and the 8067 bicentennial tray new in the box, still hunting the bain marie, and the 8069 alcohol brass frame. I have not seen one of those yet, the 4 qt. pot is pretty hard to find too.

  3. Dan

    I had made mention in an earlier post, I have the 8072 low 2 qt. cheese pot, I didn’t mention but mine is signature and bicentennial too, Kathy has not seen one of these, but we have it, also was able to finally locate the ceramic bain marie complete set, its was not in the box but obviously is new, it is the 1801 signature series stamped in the bottom of the ceramic lipped bowl that is a tan/beige color. Still on the hunt for the flambé/flame set.

  4. Paul Revereware

    congratulations! wow, did you find it on ebay? I actually do own one of these cheese fondue pots, but i do not have the flame set for it either, only the one for the smaller fondue pot. Anyway, enjoy your beautiful copper pots. Many people ask me all the time about comparing these to the fancy French cookware. Well the copper isn’t as thick, but does that matter? Copper conducts heat excellently, only silver does a better job, and who can afford a silver pan, if there were such a thing? It takes a very thin wire to conduct electricity excellently, as we all know, so it doesn’t really matter how thick the copper is. It does matter how thick the lining is! Those fancy tin-lined pans need a thicker lining! Paul Revere Ware has stainless steel lining, not really lining, but an equal amount of stainless and copper. It will never need “re-tinned” or even “re-stainless steeled”. The stainless will outlast the copper, but that is the part that is getting scraped and worn.


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