rare paul revere stuff 002


6 thoughts on “rare paul revere stuff 002

    1. Paul Revereware Post author

      This particular one is not for sale, as it is part of my personal collection. I may know where to get one other, but they are hard to come by and expensive. It would run about $300 plus shipping and does not have the original box. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll make a couple of calls.

  1. Corinne Hoke

    Thank you for getting back to me. Do you know if Revere Ware has a set of their cookware with the two handled pan in the set? Maybe I can go that way. I love the cookware.

  2. Paul Revereware Post author

    Revere hasn’t sold these in almost 40 years. Just got to be lucky to find them, and keep looking. I will keep watch. Sometimes people contact me because of this website and want to sell these. Now, Revere only sells a thin, cheap version of their copper bottom pans, made overseas. 😦 very sad. They are not the same pans, but look similar. I’ve been thinking of matching people up with these pans on this website. Maybe I should look into it further.


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