Paul Revere The Silversmith

J_S_Copley_-_Paul_RevereMost of my posts have to do with Revere Ware, the copper and stainless steel cookware, but did you know that Paul Revere was actually a silver smith?  Later in life, he started the first copper rolling mill in the USA, but before that, he made many things out of silver.

I have always been fond of silver.  I love feeling it, hearing it, and just the general sight of it.  There is certainly no other metal quite like it.  Aside from it being a precious metal, coins used to be made from silver in several mints across the USA.

One little known thing about silver is its antiseptic properties.  Silver flatware, hollow ware, and table ware, or at least their plated counterparts were used just for this purpose, to stop the bacteria from spreading while contacting food.


6 thoughts on “Paul Revere The Silversmith

  1. teresa ott

    Hi, I found a heavy duty 10/25 cm revere ware copper bottom handle and pan heavy duty stainless steel I’m guessing. SM D6b? Made in China. Skillet .1801. I found this skillet in a habitat for humanity store someone donated. I’ve been trying to find this set if possible. I truly love this pan. Please let me know if it is available anywhere , and how much . As you see I am not working at this time and that’s why I have to shop thrifty. Sincerely Teresa Ott .

      1. teresa ott

        Hi, yes I looked on ebay and esty but did not find it. Thank you anyway. Teresa.

  2. Mike Kaup

    Hello. I am seeking a 15 inch lid for a 40 quart Revere Institutional French style sauce pot ( the type with a spigot)
    If you have one for sale please call Mike at 206 909 1869




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