Revere Ware 1950’s Miniature Toy Cookware Set

revere ware miniature toy pan set 002 revere ware miniature toy pan set 003Here is my little collection of the mini toy
Revere Ware pots and pans.  I feel fortunate to have acquired the mini double boiler, and the solid copper whistling tea kettle.  The miniature pans were introduced in the 1950’s, and continued sales into the 1960’s, from what I can tell by the old advertisements for them.  They really are smaller versions of the full size pots and pans.  The tea kettles measure about 3 inches in diameter, so you can get an idea of the size.

My set consists of 3 different size sauce pans, a stock pot, two different sized open skillets, a coffee pot, mixing bowl, whistling tea kettle, solid copper whistling tea kettle, and a measuring cup with lid.  The measuring cup is the same size as the large sauce pan.  All are copper clad on the bottom with double circle logo, but some are pretty faded.

The original boxes for these toy pans could be flipped over and made into a stove-top.


10 thoughts on “Revere Ware 1950’s Miniature Toy Cookware Set

  1. Tjudith

    These are so cool!!! I didn’tknow of them before your post. Just curious: how much water does the tea kettle hold?

  2. Paul Revereware Post author

    If you are waiting on whether they are for sale, I did add the answer that same day you asked. If you are waiting on a reply for another question, I am sorry, it didn’t come through.

  3. Oswelys


    I am looking for more info on this revere miniatures. i absolutly adore kitchen miniatures and I do have a couples like the renaware miniatures, Betty and Bob,Alessi and Revere..i wonder if the cooper kettle you got is also part of the miniatures Revere used to sell in sets as well as the double boiler or if instead they were salesman samples ??? i have every piece except for those and the mixing bol. I could not find those pieces in ebay and I would like to complete my Revere miniatures collection. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you for your time !

    1. Paul Revereware Post author

      Revere sold these little pans in sets, individually, and I am sure the salesmen gave some away, especially if mom bought a set, and had some kids to play with them. Since mine have been collected over years, I am sure they are some of each. I have studied some of the old Revere ads they sell on eBay, and I have never seen one for the double boiler, or the solid copper kettle, so they may not have been in production very long. My suggestion would be to keep watching eBay, sometimes they call them “toy” pans, or “child’s”, or “miniature”.

  4. Cindy Knickerbocker

    How much are the individual revere ware miniature sauce pans worth (approx)?. Have one in a box and I was wondering…?


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