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My Big Revere Ware Steamer Pan

for blog steamer chicken fryer 010 This pan is HUGE! 10 diameter, it is a steamer on top of a 6 QT Dutch Oven.  It was made in 1978 in Clinton, Illinois, and is still perfect.  I mostly only use it for steaming/blanching.  This pan is one year older than my son, and now I am telling my age!  But considering this age, I have learned the importance of fresh vegetables, so gardening is becoming one of my favorite hobbies.  When I manage to grow more than I can eat or share, preserving food is necessary.  Some of it is easily frozen, but canning and dehydrating are important ways to preserve food, too.

for blog steamer chicken fryer 008Here is where this Revere Ware Steamer comes in.  It is a wonderful blanching machine!  Many vegetables should be blanched before freezing, or dehydrating.  Seems like there is always an excess of squash each year, so this year, I bought a dehydrator for that purpose.  Squash that is canned or frozen becomes mushy, and dehydration is supposed to do better.  Blanching the squash before dehydrating opens up the fibers, allowing it to better rehydrate, without all the mush.  If steam is used to rehydrate, the food is not soaking in the water, as it would be with boiling.

for blog steamer chicken fryer 002That is where this steamer will come in handy again, it is perfect to rehydrate dried foods. Since it is so big, you can do a large batch, or just spread a smaller amount out across the bottom.  Everything the food touches is stainless steel, and the more I cook with stainless steel on the stove, the less I care for plastic and microwave ovens.

If anyone has any food preservation tips, please share them!  Thanks.