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Rare VTG Paul Revere Ware USA Solid Copper Stock Pot 4 Qt Buffet Pan Casserole

This is the largest of the 3 sizes Revere made in this “8000 line”. Through the years, starting about 1968, the logos changed from “Paul Revere Limited Edition” stamped on the handle, to a bicentennial version around 1975 which included a stamp on the bottom with Paul Revere’s signature and the dates “1776-1976”.  After 1976, Revere dropped the dates and kept the signature, even changing the labels to reflect “signature edition” instead of the original “limited edition”.

Inside diameter about 7-1/2″

Inside depth about 5-1/4″

You cannot cook 4 quarts in this pan, it will fill it right up to the brim, but Revere named this a 4 quart and I’m not changing the name.


Revere Ware USA Copper Bottom Pot Pre-1968 Egg Poacher Breakfast Unit Skillet Fry Pan

This was originally named a “breakfast unit”.  It was made in Rome, NY sometime before 1968.  The egg cups on Revere’s egg poachers are designed to pick up with a fork, and if they do not have this unique design, and the center of the tray does not display the Revere Ware logo, it is not genuine Revere Ware, and may not fit your Revere pan correctly.  There is a copy of the brochure that came with the original “breakfast units” showing.

Diameter of pan and insert is about 8”

Inside depth of pan is about 2″

This is the smaller of the 2 sizes of Revere egg poacher breakfast unit, and they were made from the 50’s up through the early 70’s.  Anyone have one of these?

Pre-1968 Copper Clad Bottom Revere Ware Pot Square Fry Pan 11″ Big Bacon Skillet




Both Square Skillets

Inside across is 11 inches each way, including the lip for the lid.



Measured across on the inside it is 10″.  Revere actually called this a 10″

Measured diagonally it is 13″

Inside depth about 2 inches. The lid adds another 2 inches or so

These were made in both this size and a smaller size between around 1953-1956, along with the 12″ griddle, which will be another post.  They are great for bacon, because they are square, but you can cook anything in them.

Does anyone have one of these?

Revere Ware 1950’s Miniature Toy Cookware Set

revere ware miniature toy pan set 002 revere ware miniature toy pan set 003Here is my little collection of the mini toy
Revere Ware pots and pans.  I feel fortunate to have acquired the mini double boiler, and the solid copper whistling tea kettle.  The miniature pans were introduced in the 1950’s, and continued sales into the 1960’s, from what I can tell by the old advertisements for them.  They really are smaller versions of the full size pots and pans.  The tea kettles measure about 3 inches in diameter, so you can get an idea of the size.

My set consists of 3 different size sauce pans, a stock pot, two different sized open skillets, a coffee pot, mixing bowl, whistling tea kettle, solid copper whistling tea kettle, and a measuring cup with lid.  The measuring cup is the same size as the large sauce pan.  All are copper clad on the bottom with double circle logo, but some are pretty faded.

The original boxes for these toy pans could be flipped over and made into a stove-top.